TAM 451, Fall 2014

Class Time and Location : MW 10:00-11:50am, 260 MEB
Office Hours: M 12-1:30pm; T 11:30-1pm in 225 MEB


Final Exam: Friday December 19 from 8-11am in 260 MEB (regular classroom).

You are allowed four pages (8 sides) of handwritten notes. Turn in your notes with your exam. No calculators.

Content: Final exam is cumulative, with equal emphasis on all parts of the course (not just the new material). You're responsible for all material covered up to and including Griffith theory of fracture (but will not be asked questions on Irwin's K-field theory or on dislocations). That means everything up to and including Class 23, but not Classes 24-25.

Good luck on the final! It's been a pleasure teaching TAM 451 with you this semester.

Class Notes, Homework, Etc.

Date Materials
M 8/25 Course Syllabus, Discussion Notes, HW1 - due Mon Sept. 8
W 8/27 Discussion Notes
M 9/1 no class - holiday
W 9/3 Discussion Notes
M 9/8 Discussion Notes, HW2 - due Mon Sept. 22
W 9/10 Discussion Notes
M 9/15 Discussion Notes
W 9/17 Discussion Notes
M 9/22 Discussion Notes, HW3 - due Mon Oct. 13
W 9/24 No Class - Elif out of Town
M 9/29 Discussion Notes - note corrections from lecture are highlighted in red
W 10/1 Discussion Notes
M 10/6 Discussion Notes
W 10/8 Discussion Notes
M 10/13 Open Office Hours (no discussion notes); HW3 solutions
W 10/15 In-Class Midterm (no discussion notes); HW4 - due Weds. Oct. 29
M 10/20 Discussion Notes
W 10/22 Discussion Notes
M 10/27 Discussion Notes
W 10/29 Discussion Notes
M 11/3 Discussion Notes , HW5 - due Mon. Nov. 17
Videos From Class: Elastic vs. Plastic, Uniaxial Tension Tests
W 11/5 Discussion Notes
M 11/10 Discussion Notes
W 11/12 Discussion Notes
M 11/17 Discussion Notes , Homework solutions: HW4, HW5
W 11/19 No new material (Midterm II)
M 12/1 Class Cancelled - No Discussion Notes; HW6 - due Mon Dec 15th by 3pm
W 12/3 No New Notes - (Continued from Previously Posted Discussion Notes)
M 12/8 Discussion Notes
M 12/8 Make Up Class Discussion Notes
W 12/10 Discussion Notes , HW6 Solutions