Welcome to the web pages of the Ertekin research group in the Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering at the University of Illinois!

What do we do?

Our research in computational science lies at the intersection of materials physics and mechanics. Our team is engaged in a diverse array of work that spans continuum to atomistic computational methods to design and understand new materials and structures to address a wide range of globally and societally relevant issues, such as energy sustainability to next-generation electronics to environmental remediation. We use a variety of techniques, from molecular dynamics to density functional theory to quantum Monte Carlo methods, to address problems related to mechanical phenomena at the nanoscale, the design of advanced energy conversions systems, and the study of novel surface and interface phenomena.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our research group, please read a note for prospective students.

We currently have an opening for a post-doctoral position, please see details here.


Latest News

Prashun is back to visit

11 2016: Welcome back Prashun! Our group's first PhD came back to town ... and cooked us a delicious meal!

Taishan and Namhoon's newest papers published!

11 Apr 2016: See Taishan's work on phonon transport in disordered, low-D materials and Namhoon's work on Ag and Au -based chalcopyrite materials, both appearing in the same issue of Phys. Rev. B!

Elif awarded Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence

31 Mar 2016: Elif is recognized with the Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence from the student-led Engineering Council.

Elif awarded NSF CAREER award

18 Mar 2016: Elif is awarded a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation

Ertekin Group at March APS Meeting

18 Mar 2016: Josh and Jae present their work at the 2016 APS March Meeting in Baltimore.

Elif is named a TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow

14 January 2016: Elif is named as a 2016 Early Career Faculty Fellow of The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society.

Josh's paper on QMC calculations of manganese oxide

28 December 2015: Josh's paper describing quantum Monte Carlo calculations of polymorphic energy ordering and excited states of manganese oxide polymorphs is published in Phys. Rev. B

Jae's paper on QMC calculations of semiconductors

14 December 2015: Jae's paper on quantum Monte Carlo calculations of semiconductor properties appears in J. Chem. Phys.

Welcome Heonjae!

10 December 2015: Welcome to Heonjae, who is joining our group! Heonjae will be co-advised as well by Prof. Ed Seebauer. His work will focus on understanding adsorption and injection of gaseous species at semiconductor oxide surfaces, both experimental and computational. div>

Ertekin Group at Fall MRS

3 December 2015: Taishan and Ashwathi present their work at the Fall 2015 MRS meeting in Boston.

Congratulations Jaehyung

18 September 2015: Congratulations to Jae for passing the qualifying exam!

Illinois Solar Tour 2015

Come visit my house on October 3rd between 10am-2pm and learn about my solar array during the 2015 Illinois Solar Tour. Its a free open house for the public to visit home and business owners with renewable energy installations. Learn about the process of installing an array here in Urbana.

Psi-K 2015 in San Sebastian

10 September 2015: It looks like a TED talk ... but actually Elif and Lucas gave presentations at the 2015 Psi-K meeting in San Sebastian, Spain on quantum Monte Carlo methods for high accuracy in semiconductors and correlated materials.

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